Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mongolia, way back in September

Mongolia.  Mongolia was amazing.  What is there to say?  It was otherworldly and beautiful and wild and bizarre.  The people made the toughest Beijingers look like pansies who spend their whole day catering to tourists, and yet we forgave them because it was all wonderful and the air was fresh and the sky was blue and hills were beautiful and we washed it all down with vodka (the Soviet influence).

We saw the sights, sort of--we hiked over the next hill from our ger camp to see the Turtle Rock, here with a local's ger in the foreground:

We rode horses!  I hate horses!  James made me do it!

The landscape was amazing, here with a view of our ger camp:

And I felt pretty badass up on this rock:

Yeah, it was a pretty awesome Labor Day weekend, only a two-hour flight (followed by a two-hour car ride) from Beijing.


Nomads By Nature said...

YAY for Mongolia! We got out of Beijing with several families with kids and did bikes and horses across the plains. Such incredible beauty -- such blue, blue, blue skies. I think that was the very best part. Did the Beijinger tourists come dressed as Western Cowboys? We found that odd, but entertaining!

Katie said...

No Beijingers that I saw--at our camp, there were just some Mongolia-based expats and some awesomely hard-drinking Mongolian groups celebrating birthdays and such. Ah, fresh air!

Andy Andersen said...

Awesome experience for you even though you dislike horses :). I've wanted to make it to Mongolia for some time now. Hope to make it one day!

Great adventures here thanks for sharing your experiences and time in the Service.

Andy (From

Katie said...

Thanks, Andy. You have to make it to Mongolia! Well worth the trip.

Rosie said...

These photos are so gorgeous! Looks like such an incredible place to visit.

A Mandal said...

Well beauutiful.Been to China but internet was uheard of.